With Covid-19, we have integrated all safety, security and hygiene measures.


For us your health comes first, so we have taken the following special measures to protect you and our staff to the fullest against Covid-19 and other viruses:


1. The guest house is disinfected every 2 hours - all common areas, door handles, surfaces, gym, sauna and all other places to which guests have direct contact.


2.  There is a liquid disinfectant placed at the entrance door at your disposal.


3. All our employees undergo special controls (temperature measurement, monitoring for sneezing symptoms, coughing, etc.) before engaging in the work process.


4. All our guests undergo temperature measurements upon arrival. They are encouradged to observe themselves of symptoms of sneezing and coughing. If such appear, they are motivated with our help to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.


5. Guests who show symptoms such as intense sneezing, coughing, etc. are not accommodated at the house but are directed immediately to the nearest medical facility.


6. We do not allow guest bookings from heavily affected Covid-19 countries.

We believe that the clean sea breeze and air, and the measures we take will make your holiday in Varna pleasant and peaceful.

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Varna 9000, Bulgaria  |  +359 877 55 4757

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